Load GoodData Chart using Angular

  • 6 January 2022
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I am integrating GoodData using Angular and referring this document but I didnt get clear idea about this.

As per this document I have added workspace id but dont know how to get measureId
e.g. I have added below tag in my angular component 
<app-kpi workspace="ma5occ3oet7qaklgatxctl1axxxxxxxxx" measureId="aaEGaXAEgB7U"></app-kpi>

how can I get measureId and after adding it gives below error in console

if there is any step by step guide is available for Angular integration then please share with me 

1 reply

The easiest way would be to get the identifiers by using the Export Catalog:

That will download all the measures, facts, etc. from your project and save information about them into a file. Then they can import these in their component and use them.
The result will looks something like this for each measure in the project:


"projectId": "workspace_ID",
"measures": {
"myMeasuresname": {
"identifier": "aaRDqLCjijPN",
"tags": ""

And then you can start using the identifier.