Load GoodData Chart using Angular

  • 6 January 2022
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I am integrating GoodData using Angular and referring this document but I didnt get clear idea about this.

As per this document I have added workspace id but dont know how to get measureId
e.g. I have added below tag in my angular component 
<app-kpi workspace="ma5occ3oet7qaklgatxctl1axxxxxxxxx" measureId="aaEGaXAEgB7U"></app-kpi>

how can I get measureId and after adding it gives below error in console

if there is any step by step guide is available for Angular integration then please share with me 


Best answer by Daniela 6 January 2022, 15:14

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The easiest way would be to get the identifiers by using the Export Catalog:

That will download all the measures, facts, etc. from your project and save information about them into a file. Then they can import these in their component and use them.
The result will looks something like this for each measure in the project:


"projectId": "workspace_ID",
"measures": {
"myMeasuresname": {
"identifier": "aaRDqLCjijPN",
"tags": ""

And then you can start using the identifier.