Nemožnost vybrat proměnnou pokud nastavena jako "123" jako Metriku, lze pouze při jejím nastavení jako "ABC"

  • 20 November 2023
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Mám dotaz ohledně sledování impressions v GoodData. V současné době dokážu dohledat proměnou impressions pouze v případě, že jsou nastaveny jako typ "ABC". Pokud je nastavím jako typ "123", nejsem schopna je dohledat. Nicméně, potřebovala bych je nastavit jako typ "1234", abych mohla analyzovat data uvnitř nich - konkrétně, abych mohla počítat čísla uvnitř těchto impressions, nikoli pouze jejich celkový počet. Je možné toto nastavení nějak provést?


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Hi Marketa,

Firstly, I would like to inform you that we try to keep our Community accessible and useful for the most of our users. Therefore we communicate in English language only.

I assume that you are interested in conversion of Attributes to Facts. I am happy to say, this is definitely doable and you can find the instructions in article below:

Convert between Facts and Attributes

Thank you. Converting is ok. But my issue is, that some combination for example click and layout/area is not working when I would like to add as Metric: Clicks - “123” it is not findable, but when I convert it to “ABC” it is.


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Could you kindly check if your catalog in Analytical Designer isn't filtered for Attributes only?

Also, when you hover over the edges(arrows) between the dataset, the modeller should tell you, which data can be filtered or sliced by which data.

Please let me know how it works for you.

I dont have that option there. In which view and arrows to you are hover over?


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Oh, I am sorry - looks like this grouping is not enabled in your solution for some reason.
However, I've noticed that some items are hidden, when you are searching for the newly created fact.

There fare ew things to do. After the model changes, make sure to refresh your browser with Analytical Designer, so the change is reflected there as well. Try to add this metric as a first one - does it work, is it visible on the list now?
You can also unhide the hidden items as described here.

The edges/arrows/relationships that I am speaking about are only visible in your Logical Data Model and they literally look like arrows connecting two or more datasets - some hints can be found in this article.


Thank you. Marketa