Malfunctioning data export (xls) from 100 % stacked graphs

  • 20 March 2024
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I am trying to export data from dashboards. The exported data does not correspond to what I see in a graph. It seems that numbers are completely different. It probably exports underlying data and not 100 % stacked data.


I am attaching pictures as evidence.


Thanks a lot

6 replies

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Hello Anastasie, 

Exporting a visualization in XLSX format will always show the underlying data in tabular format. If you wish to see the graph instead, you will need to place the insight in a KPI dashbaord and then export it in PDF format. More details about the export options can be found in our documentation here:



Hello Moises, than you for explaining. I undestand that it shows only underlying data, but could why is data format in % then?

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You’re welcome. Please note the insight format is also applied to the exported file.

Underlying data is in numeric format such as 2 135 856, but it shows 2 135 856% which is to my understanding incorrect.

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If you wish to remove the formatting, it can be done from the insight metric format menu as specified in the documentation: 

Thank you for explanation