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  • 8 September 2022
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Hey Support Team,

we would like to enable SSO Login for our GoodData Platform and already read through your documentation. 

The link you provide there tells us to move to the following URL: https://<your-domain>/gdc/account/samllogin

I tried accessing this URL via: 
1) → Whitelabeling URL
2) → Standard URL

In both cases I do receive the error message you can see on the attached screenshot. Can you please let me know which URL I’d have to access exactly in order to reach the page mentioned in your documentation?

Thanks in advance & best regards,



Best answer by Moises Morales 8 September 2022, 17:03

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Hi Felix, 


https://<your-domain>/gdc/account/samllogin is the URL where the SAML response and assertion is consumed and is not meant to be accessed directly on your browser. May I know on which step of the SSO implementation process are you stuck? Have you chceked our guide here Getting started with SSO | The GoodData Community?


Best regards, 



Hi Moises, sure. 

OneLogin has been prepared for connection with GoodData but the missing piece at the moment is the communication between OneLogin and GoodData which we still need to setup. 

In order to proceed we would need to know where we can add our issuer as well as the SAML 2.0 link in GoodData. 

Best regards,



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The SSO provider is created via the API in GoodData. You can find the call details here: