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  • 6 September 2022
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I have a question regarding the working with metrics topic. 

I have read through documentation related to this topic but it's still unclear to me why Attributes become unavailable when I pick a metric that I created. 
I'm trying the basic concept of creating a metric by summing up 2 facts from different fact tables of the data model. Both tables are related to one dimension table (that stores all attributes) as 1:N.

The interesting part for me is that if I'm using these same 2 facts separately, most of the attributes remain available.  

Please see the screenshots below.



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Hello Masha, 


This depends on the way how is your Logical Data Model (LDM) built. Should we check this further, we would need to see your LDM. Can you please invite our support user into the particular Workspace? 


Thank you

@Julius Kos Hi Julius, thanks for the fast reply. As per roles description, to grant data model visibility I should invite as Editor, is that correct? 

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Please feel free to invite us with admin rights. Might be handy for future.



Done, thank you in advance!

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Hello Masha,


Thank you for the invitation! 


The issue actually isn’t related to your LDM. The problem is in the syntax of your metric which you are using:


You must either aggregate the both attributes so the correct syntax would be:


Or alternatively, you can create the SUMs as separated metrics and sum them as bellow:


I hope this helps! 

Thanks Julius, your’e right, it works now (i should have invested a bit more time exploring moql syntax)

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No problem, glad to help! 


If you are more interested in learning about MAQL - I can strongly recommend you our University MAQL course:


Best regards