Prior year calculation

  • 14 April 2021
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I have been able to create a metric to compute prior year - but am having an issue with filtering - see screen shot

I need to be able to see the prior year values for Dec, Jan and Feb  - If I ignore the parent filter I get values for all time


Best answer by Linda J 15 April 2021, 21:58

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5 replies

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Hello Linda,

Please, is this somehow related to your previous post below?


Looks like you are setting the filter to concrete date range, but I would rather expect to set it to the current Year. I just hope that I understand your use case correctly.


Yes I am setting the filter to an absolute range as our fiscal year is not based on the standard calendar.


the end user should be able to select any quarter(s). - yes the question is related as I am still trying to get the result I need - I will close the other topic as I figured that one out.


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That shouldn't be a problem here, since you are working with the same fiscal calendar in your report as well.
Or do you mean that the quarter is not reflecting the right months, so it needs to be specified manually? I am sorry if I am missing something here.


Hi Iva,


Thanks for getting back to me.  Today everything is working as expected - so I am not sure why things were acting strangely yesterday,

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Hi Linda,

I am really really glad to hear so.  Please let me know in case the issue reoccurs, but I hope that everything will work smoothly for you.