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  • 28 December 2022
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Hi All,


Is there a way from the grey pages to list all unused metrics in KPIs, Insights, other metrics… ?

Without having to check metric one by one using the Object/Used button. 


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Best answer by Iva Gasparekova 28 December 2022, 19:02

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Hi Jean-Christophe,

You can use the API call to Get a list of metadata objects of a specific category and then Get the objects used by an object.
Same results can be achieved via gray pages, the endpoint looks similar to my example below:




Thanks Iva. However it means that I will have to script this and create a loop for each metric. I think check one by one is probably faster. have a great day ! I thought there was an easier way to do it as it seems the meta “unlisted” set to 1 was meaning not used but it’s not the case apparently. sometime it is sometime not


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Yes, your assumption is correct. Thank you for your kind words and understanding, appreciated.

If the metric's meta contains parameter "unlisted" set to "1", it means that such metric is hidden. But you are right, it might be still used by other objects.