How difficult is GoodData to learn for non-technical users?

  • 16 November 2022
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Would like to use in in a multi-tenant environment, but sometimes the users are not too tech savvy.


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5 replies

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Could you share more details with me, please? Are we speaking about the implementation and management of multi-tenant environment or are you concerned about the end users?  

Yes, for end-users. I am assuming they would be able to create their own reports? 

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May I know which our Products are you using, please? Surely, users with certain userRoles can create or edit reports/Insights and Dashboards. Our ResponsiveUI is pretty intuitive and for usual analytics, you can simply use the drag and drop method.

More complex metrics would require some knowledge of MAQL - Analytical Query Language. Your end-users can go also go through our University courses to get more familiar with our Platform.

I am not sure which product I am testing at the moment. It’s the free one. I am still trying to figure out the whole ecosystem myself. We have a large complex schema that I am trying to make reports from.

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I believe, it is the Freemium one, using the Responsive User Interface.
Please let us know if you are struggling with some of your reports and feel free to check that University link that I've shared above. You can find modeling and reporting courses and tutorials there as well.