Accept the date while year starts with 0

  • 28 March 2023
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how to recognise any four-digit numeric value as the year while the data is loading into client workspaces, for example, 0202


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I have a data value of "0202-08-12" for one of the date fields. The following error is being thrown while the data loads into the workspaces of the clients. Could someone please tell me how to accept these types of values in GoodData?



Hi Kavi,


Using the date dimensions has some rules for both range (1900-2050 ) and format

as specified here:


there is also an existing article here on community:


Can you tell us little bit more about the use case and also confirm which product do you use ? 

(above links are related to the GoodData Platform)




Hi Jakub,


Thank you for the details. The goddata platform is what we use. I need to display "0202-08-12" in gooddata reports in this use case. Can dates below 1900 and above 2050 be displayed in Gooddata reports?





and thank you for the confirmation. You can create a custom date dimension and redefine the range but we do not recommend to go outside of range 1900 - 2100


Second link I provided contains relevant info:

Extended Date Dimensions

By default, the urn:custom_v2:date date dimension template contains data for the Gregorian calendar from 01/01/1900 to 12/31/2050. You can extend date dimensions in custom calendars beyond the default to cover dates from 01/01/1900 to 12/31/2100. However, wider defined ranges may result in slower performance. To improve performance when using custom date dimensions, do not use unnecessary ranges outside of your data and analytical use cases. For example, if you only need to analyze 2010 to 2030, keep your custom dimension between those dates.

If you need to cover dates up to 12/31/2100 but you want to avoid potentials performance issues, you can download This date dimension template contains dates from 01/01/1950 to 12/31/2100.



Does the 0202 mean year 202 ? Or is it just a formatting issue and it should be 2020 ? In that case you can reformat the data before you load it.

Generally he functionality is built to work with gregorian calendar and custom fiscal calendars.

We do not see many requests for bigger range that is why I wonder about the use case.

I remember a customer question, I think it was about use of Nepali calendar and unfortunately the custom calendar that you want to upload and the current calendar must be also consistent in terms of time intervals. Otherwise, uploading can cause big inconsistencies.



Hi Jakub,


Thanks for the valuable information.