GoodData UI React SDK - Customization

  • 26 January 2024
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Hello, I would like to ask if there is a way to update specific texts in a rendered dashboard component such as in the table columns and dropdown options (filters). Please advise. I am using GoodData UI React SDK to embed GoodData dashboards in a web app.

5 replies

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Hi Jeremy,

I believe that you can partially achieve this via our Dashboard Plugins.
Could you explain a bit what's the purpose of such customization and what should be the prefered outcome, please?

Hi Iva! Thank you for the response,

The purpose is we want to replace some texts in the report such as part of the column name or filter options text with the value set by our users. For example, in the report we have a “Partner Enabled” column and our user set the name value for “Partner” to be “Agency”, so we want to display in the dashboard embedded in our platform: “Agency Enabled” as the column name.

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Hi Jeremy,

Column names can be renamed and saved by your customers directly in Analytical Designer. 

Or are you looking for some option to change these columns directly in your embedded solution, please?

Hi Iva!


We want to modify the column names and if possible also in the filter options directly in our embedded solution.

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Hi Jeremy,

Radek from the GoodData technical team here - I checked this with our frontend devs, and unfortunately this is not something that would be possible out-of-the-box. 

Realistically, the best way to achieve different naming for different sets of customers is to use workspace hierarchy and child workspaces. In this way, each set of customers could have customised environments, but the data can still be maintained in the parent.

Of course, there’s probably some way to work around this using React itself, but that might result in more work and a less stable solution than going through GoodData itself.