What is difference between ADS and other cloud data warehouses you support?

  • 31 March 2021
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Hello. I can see that GoodData can provide the ADS data warehouse and also supports other data warehouses like Redshift. BigQuery, Snowflake… maybe more. Is there any reason or even advantage to use ADS over the cloud data warehouses? Thanks. Tom


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Hi Tom, great question.

GoodData tries to offer analytic solution for various types of organizations. Some of them have their own cloud data warehouses and data processing tools and GoodData offer those to prepare their data using those tools and load them GoodData workspaces directly. 

For those who do not have this option or can not use it for any reason, GoodData is offering the ADS option. With ADS comes a set of tools to download data from various sources and integrate the data into ADS as well as perform a data transformation using SQL. Because the ADS is collocated at the same data center as GoodData workspaces, the connection betweeen those two is very fast. Apart from the storage and transformation piece of the “end-to-end” data pipeline you can utilize the ADS also for other analytical operations. 

And one interesting piece might be also pricing, unlike many of the cloud data warehouses, currently ADS is not charged per query or time consumed.