the analytics shows old data even after s3 connection was scheduled and ran successfully

  • 4 March 2022
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I wonder if the mapping is incorrect, causing the dataset not to update. I’ve read the dataset mapping fields documentation but still unsure whether the dataset fields are correctly mapped

workspace id: trw9as5a7ve3ifxH\5tp6dbanxw17vlyrc


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Hi Sherry, 

please can you check that you have schedule correctly setup based on our documentation here:

Please can you also check your source file and make sure you are uploading the most recent source file? 

If the above doesn't help, can you please provide us with the Task ID or Request ID from the log in the most recent upload? 

Hi Michael, 

I do have the schedule correctly setup. I am unsure where to find the Task ID, but the Request ID is ey5VcaXY7vNHjKYy for the most recent upload, which should contain data from 2022, while the original uploaded csv only has data up to 2021. 

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Hi Sherry, 

Thanks for the info. I didn’t find any errors related to the dataset mapping. Are you using incremental data loading? If so, can you please make sure you are using the correct timestamps? If you are still facing issues, could you please send us a screenshot of your csv files in your S3 bucket? 



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As found internally, the files in S3 were not following the naming convention described here: GoodData-S3 Integration Details, hence the Automated Data Distribution process couldn’t find new data to load.