Self-hosted solution for AWS ECS & MongoDB

  • 24 August 2022
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From the documentation I couldn’t understand if we are able to use GoodData self-hosted solution with compute in AWS ECS and storage in MongoDB.

If it is possible I will be glad to get references to relevant documentation, otherwise to understand if there are plans to support it and ETAs 






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Hi Ofer,

Direct connection to MongoDB isn't currently supported in GoodData.CN. But you can make it work by connecting your MongoDB instance to one of our supported datasource managers (Apache Drill / Dreamio) and connect the datasource manager to GoodData.CN.

Deploying GoodData.CN on AWS ECS should be possible. However GoodData.CN is more suitable for AWS EKS deployment and for full production deployment AWS EKS is recommended. Fell free to check more details about deployment here:


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To add a little context. You would be able to run GoodData.CN community edition on AWS ECS with some limitations (no multi tenancy, no high availability, etc.). Running production version of GoodData.CN relies on Kubernetes (K8S) API that is currently missing in ECS so you wouldn't be currently able to run Kubernetes-ready workload on ECS.

- Jan