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  • 16 March 2021
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I'm trying to connect S3 to good data, I setup an IAM user on S3, got access credentials, setup a bucket, gave IAM user S3 access, setup get object bucket policy, included IAM user as principal for the bucket. When I test the connection it says "successful." When I try to load the data I get "Failed to load projects: Connection Validation failed" I tried to search various S3 errors and on GD forums but didn't see anything. 


2021-03-16T20:26:35.418+0100 [ERROR]: Fail to load projects "[{project id here}]". Reason: Connection validation failed


Thats pretty much all the logs say, so I’m a bit stumped considering the connection test is successful.


Best answer by Joseph Heun 16 March 2021, 21:18

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If the test is working but the load fails, then it generally indicates an issue with the S3 Data Source connection parameters. Please check that headers are not malformed, and everything is matching appropriately. 

Aside from this, we would need more information to search our logs for the issue. If you are still unable to locate the exact error, could you please open a ticket providing the project ID so that we, GoodData Support, could check our logs and find the exact reason?