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  • 4 April 2023
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I have a data model, with no apparent empty values in the date field. However when I create visuals or even just a table with the date values (no fact/attribute data) there is always an ‘empty value’ label when no date filters are applied.


Is there a way I can exclude the ‘empty value’, which has no data populating it. This is primarily for aesthetics.








Best answer by Iva Gasparekova 4 April 2023, 12:08

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7 replies

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Hey there,

Looks like you are working with some custom date dimension, if I am not mistaken. Please be aware that fiscal dimension adds default records representing also these empty values. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.

If this is the case, you might reconsider usage of the fiscal calendar and rather upload your own calendar as navigated in this article.

Hi Iva


When you say custom date dimension, what is an example of that?


I am just pulling in the date column from our database table, I haven’t applied any custom formatting or anything like that to it, so as far as I’m aware, it is a standard date dimension.




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Hi George,

You can find some examples in that article that I linked also in my previous comment:

May I know what data source are you using and how did you build your model, please?

I am using a view from our redshift database. I have an attribute table joined with a fact table. The date column is based of my fact table

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Sorry for not noticing your response earlier, my bad.

Ok, so this "date" attribute isn't part of the special date dataset but rather part of your fact dataset, if I understand it correctly?
Could you share with me a screenshot of this part of your logical data model, please?

Yes correct, could you specify exactly what part you need to see?


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Hey George,

no need to provide the screenshot anymore. I've double-checked this internally and I can confirm this is the expected behaviour, when it comes to dates and no matter what's the data-source that you used either. Sorry for not realizing this earlier.