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  • 24 July 2023
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Dear Community,


I would like to ask you, is it possible to make Insight private for one user within the workspace?


I haven’t found any option (including GoodData API) how to make it inaccessible for other users in the workspace. Even users who can edit dashboards can see all Insights as possible visualizations for the dashboard.


The user of one of our customers would like to do some exploratory stuff and create some personal visualizations (insights), but he does not want to pollute the workspace with unfinished or incorrect Insights.


Thank you for your help in advance,


Tomas Hoch


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4 replies

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This can be achieved depending on the product you are using, but the safest way to conceal data` from users is via data permissions in the platform edition, In the cloud edition, you can build a workspace hierarchy and allow the user access to only the workspaces using the insights you have built for them to see. 


There isn’t a direct way to single out permissions solely on insights, but there are some workarounds to achieve what you are after based on your product and full use case.

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your reply

We use Cloud Edition. Our customers would like to have some level of privacy as you can have with dashboards - you can create dashboards, and nobody can see them until you share them with others.

Regarding to use-case and to be specific:
We have 4 users in one workspace, every user has ANALYZE permission in the workspace in order to be able to create Insights. But every user wants to be able to create Insinght visible only for himself.

Creating a workspace for each user, who wants private Insight would be a workaround, but since the workspace is paid item, it would be a very costly solution to create a workspace just for one user in order to provide him with some level of privacy for his work.

Please, are there any other possible workarounds?

Thank you.

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I’m afraid there is no way to limit just the insight itself. I will certainly mark this down as product feedback for our product team to review and consider placing it on the roadmap. 

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You could create your own dashboard plugin which will hide some particular widgets as a workaround for now