Line Chart for Tracking Remaining Budget Week Over Week

  • 21 April 2023
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I’m looking to use the line chart to create a budget burndown report in Kantata that works in the following way.

X Axis

  • Weekly timeline based on Project Start Date and Project End Date
  • Week = Sunday - Saturday

Y Axis 

  • Target burndown trend line based on Project Hours Estimate / number of weeks between Project Start Date and Project End Date
  • Trend line beginning with Project Hours Estimate, populating week over week with Hours Remaining
    • Begin with Project Hours Estimate (total available hours)
    • Each week, add a data point based on Remaining Hours

Bonus if this can be combo chart with a weekly column to display hours used each week.



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Please note that we are not familiar with your Logical Data Model, your data itself and relations within it. However, looking at your example graph - the closest out of box solution would be using our Combo chart which is exactly a combination of column, area, or line chart within a single insight. See the bellow docs for more information: