Labels in barchart not matching the bar(values) - dashboard view

  • 20 February 2024
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Hello community,

In the dashboard, I'm using a bar chart, and since there are many rows, I extended the graph to its maximum length. However, now I see that there are more bars in the graph than labels for the rows. Some row labels are hidden, so it gives me misleading information.

Is there any way to extend the widget on dashboard more so that each bar matches each row? Being able to scroll down in the graph would also be useful.


Thank you





1 reply

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Hi Anastasie, you can refer to our documentation here: Edit Items on Dashboards

To change the height, drag the bottom end of the widget to adjust the height of the whole visible row:

However, if your "Legend" of your insight takes up alot of space in your widget area, the legend may:

  • Become paginated
  • Move to the top, display only a limited number of lines, and the rest of the items is available in a pop-up window upon clicking on the legend icon

This is the case here, where you have extended the widget to its maximum length, but you have too many values to display, so the legend is becoming paginated and is no longer matching each row. Unfortunately, it's not possible to configure the widget to a larger size, so in this case I would like to suggest that you limit the amount of values in your insight so the bars match each row. For example, you can do this by applying a Ranking Filter

Configure the filter

  1. In the insight you want to filter, click the filter bar dropdown icon.
  2. Select Top/bottom values. 

  3. Click Apply.

I would suggest a Top 30 <> 40 ranking and this will then keep the all the rows visible and make sure that each bar matches each row in your insight. 

Hope this helps!