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  • 21 November 2022
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Hello, could you please let me know if it’s only possible to create KPI alerts based on metrics that are being calculated within GD and exist as metrics? 
Here’s an example - let’s say I want to track open to visit rate (O/V) as well as raw visits number. Can I create KPIs and alerts for both or only or O/V? If i cannot create a KPI and alert for such raw metric as visits, is there any way in GD I can track it and be alerted if that number falls/raises?
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please see the following documentation that will help you with this:

For your use-case you'll need to create separate KPI alerts both open to visit rate (O/V) as well as raw visits number.

Please also see the following links that you may find helpful in this case:

Hope this helps! 

Hi @Michael Ullock, thanks much for the fast reply!
I have already looked through the docs as well as those community topics but I’m still not sure whether i can create a KPI (and accordingly an alert) for visits?

As you can see at the screenshot i’ve shared, when i’m trying to create a KPI widget, the dropdown list only suggests me anything but O/V (which is a metric calculated in GD). So looks like I cannot create a KPI based on visits (which is a raw metric received from datasource and not reworked in GD) or?
If i’m mistaken and it’s possible, could you maybe assume what am I doing wrong here? 

Also maybe there’s some documentation for these dashboards KPIs (unfortunately I didn’t find anything more than alerts article you’ve shared above).

Thank you,

I’ve just thought that I might have not provided enough context to my example. So in a case with O/V and visits, both metrics already exist when I’m trying to create a KPI. The difference is that (sum of) visits was created in Analytical Designer at the Insight creation step and O/V was created in Metrics editor. As the result, it seems like I can only create a KPI widget from the metric that was created in Metrics editor. 
Hope that helps to clarify my question.

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Hi Masha, 

sorry for the delay in getting back to you. 

Yes, you are correct in this case - If you create the metric under the "Analyze" tab, this would be an "Insight" and therefore, when you go to create your KPI Alert, this Insight that you created would not visible under the metrics available to use in your KPI Alerts. For those metrics/measures to be visible and able to use in your KPI Alerts, you will need to create those metrics under: Manage > Metrics. After creating the metrics and then refreshing your KPI Dashboard, you will now see those newly created metrics available there. In your use-case if you want to track open to visit rate (O/V) as well as raw visits number, you'll need to create 2 separate metrics as outlined above. 

Just let us know if there is anything else we can help with here, or if anything is still unclear. 

Got it! thank you, @Michael Ullock