Hide the email and export icons from insights on embedded dashboards

  • 7 October 2022
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Hi folks,

Is there a way to stop these icons (bell icon and ellipsis icon) appearing on the insights when embedding a dashboard (via iframe)? We don’t want to provide this function to our users. I don’t see anything mentioned in the embedding documentation.




Best answer by Moises Morales 7 October 2022, 18:23

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3 replies

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Hi Charles, 

You would need to assing the users the Viewer (disabled exports) role to remove the export icon, however, disabling the KPI alerts is currently not an option. 




OK, thanks Moises (and sorry about the lateness in my response!).

One further question, please. We basically want to provide the least functionality possible for our users. We just want them to view the embedded dashboards. I had assumed we would use the dashboardOnlyRole role. But it sounds like readOnlyNoExportRole would be more suitable? However we wouldn’t want them accessing the Gooddata UI. 

What would you suggest?



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Sorry for the late response on this. If you don’t want them interacting with the UI, then the best option is the readOnlyNoExportRole.