Distribute the locked visuals from development master workspace to all the client workspaces

  • 1 September 2023
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We are using LCM technology in our system.

We have locked the some visuals that are designed in analyze tab in development master workspace. Now I’m able to distribute the visuals to all the client workspaces but unable to lock them in client workspaces using LCM(even after running release and rollout bricks). Is there any settings to enable this option? If yes, can you please provide the supporting documents.

Kindly help me out on this.






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Hello Kavi, 

The LCM managed objects (which includes Insights/Visualisations) are locked by default in Client Workspaces. Otherwise, it would go against the very principles of LCM. Even without locking them in Dev master, they should be locked for all the users in the Workspace (except for Admins which also includes the technical user responsible for LCM management and bricks).

I suppose you are maybe checking it with this Technical user and that is why you think the insights are not locked? You should rather try it with some Client Workspace end-user with different role, for example Editor. 

If you still see a different behaviour to the one that was described, I would ask you to provide some more information and screenshots showing that the insights are still editable by Client Workspace end-users. 

Hi Julius Kos,

In my previous conversation I said I’m able to distribute the insights to all the client workspaces. I’m taking my words back, I’m not  able to distribute the insights to all the client workspaces from DEV master workspace. I just did migration.

If I’m not wrong this can be achieved by adding tag to the Insights. If Yes, can I know how to add tag to the Insights?



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Hi Kavi, 


LDM, Dashboards, Insights, Metrics and other Metadata should be automatically distributed via Rollout Brick into the Client Workspaces. However, before the Rollout itself, you need to make sure that: 

  • The Release Brick was executed (new version of Segment Master workspace containing the insights in question has been released) and the Provisioning Brick was executed (make sure that Client workspaces have been created)
  • The segments have been created and associated with the particular clients.

You can find more information here → Rollout Brick

Hi Julius Kos,

Can we not distribute the Insights using Rollout brick?



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Hi Kavi, 

in this documentation when we refer to "reports" this also equates to Insights:

As mentioned in our documentation:

The rollout brick synchronizes all the client workspaces (LDM, data loading processes, dashboards, reports, metrics, and so on) in the synchronized segments with the latest version of the segment’s master workspace. The latest version of the segment’s master workspace is the one that the release brick (see Release Brick) created at its last execution.

The segments to synchronize are specified in the segments_filter parameter.

Hope this helps & our apologies for the confusion!