Deleting a record in dataset

  • 5 January 2022
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I am trying to delete 1 record and I have run into some problem. When trying to delete a record in the Spending dataset where the order no is = 2021_6734. According to the documentation the query should look something like this to delete the facts:


DELETE FROM {attr.spending.factsof} WHERE {} = "2021_6734";

When I am running the delete statement I am getting the following error: 

"error" : {

"component" : "DJG",

"errorClass" : "GDC::Exception::User",

"message" : "Object \"%s\" doesn't exist.",

"parameters" : [



"requestId" : "hjUDGKYxIf3OuhS:7txqnamxk997mgy0"




Which object does not exist? I am not sure what the issue is there? 


Best answer by Michael Ullock 5 January 2022, 15:36

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Hi Samantha,

thanks for reaching out, we'll be happy to help with this.

From our logs, we can see the same error as you have reported:

exception_msg="Object \"attr.spending.factsof\" doesn't exist." project="byanfpis31ycd38qpyer1yg3cy8ng5ne" auth_user="4783ncv55abe88e3b87c32a48c06d4" request_id=hjUDGKYxIf3OuhS:7txqnamxk997mgy0

As the errors states, you're trying to delete records from an object that doesn't exist: attr.spending.factsof

Please refer to the following article that will help you find the correct object identifier:

Best regards,