GoodData.CN and Auth0 silent login not working

  • 23 June 2023
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Hi GoodData team, 

We have been trying to get the silent login authentication flow working with GoodData.CN with auth0, but it does not seem to work. We have even gotten a custom domain from auth0, and setup the GoodData organisation to use to use that specific domain for authentication, but it silent login does not seem to work. 

Previously we were using Okta, and silent login worked fine there, could you let us know any solution to this?


Umer Nasir


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9 replies

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Hello Umer, 


Do I understand correctly that you had previously set up an OIDC Provider using OKTA, and it had been working perfectly. Now, you have created a new one with Auth0 and it is failing, correct?

Could you provide an error message or tracID that you are seeing from your end, or is the call not even reaching GoodData?

So to further explain our use case, we have an custom web application (AdfireHealth) built using React, where we are logging users in via Auth0. We are using Auth0 as our authentication provider so we can have a silent login to GoodData, instead of having to login there as well. 


There is no error popping up, what we need is that once I login to AdfireHealth, when I navigate to the goodData dashboards, it shouldn’t ask me for a login again. For further clarification, there are the domains

AdfireHealth App:

Our GoodData.CN:

If possible, we can setup a quick call on Google Meet, as we need this feature to work as soon as possible, and would really apprecciate if you could help us out on this

Also, just a heads up, our auth0 domain is, and the following is the details from our GoodData organization. 


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If it is asking for the login again after clicking the dashboard, then you will need to make sure the session cookies are passing through the embedded headers as well. 


Since, this is more of an issue with implementation rather than a break/fix issue, it is hard for us to troubleshoot or jump on a call immediately. If you have checked the cookies and made sure they are passing through, and you still need assistance, please let us know and we can open a ticket for you internally here. 

The cookies are passed through yes, I have followed the following documentation to setup Auth0 and GoodData.CN, kindly open a ticket internally, as we want to get this issue fixed as soon as possible, thank you.



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I see you are following a tutorial for GoodData CN, but in our records it shows that you are working with GoodData Cloud, while the two products share many of the features, what you are trying to implement here may not be possible in GoodData Cloud. Could you please confirm first which product are you using so we can provide further guidance? Thanks. 


Hi Moises, I have confirmed with our team, and we are using GoodData Cloud. Does that mean Silent Login with Auth0 won’t work for GD Cloud? 


I tried the same documentation before, when we set it up using Okta and it worked fine, it didn’t ask for a login twice. Could you kindly confirm and get back to us? thanks.

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Terribly sorry for the delay on this, but you can find the ways to troubleshoot this on cloud here: