When validating project, getting errors stating "...violates COMPULSORY EDGE..."

  • 10 March 2022
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We’ve successfully loaded data from a bigquery, but now I can’t build any insights because as soon as I drag an attribute, the UI throws an error “Connection failed, try again later…”.  We went into the gray pages and ran the “validate-project” process and got a lot of “...violates COMPULSORY EDGE...” errors (see attached logs).  I assume those are the reasons I can’t build insights.  How do I fix those errors?



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3 replies

The error usually means that the dataset is not synchronised = the tables do not match or they were not created.
To fix it, please synchronise the dataset 'hs_deal' by going to graypages and synchronise the dataset: 
1- http://<YOURDOMAIN>/gdc/md/<project>/ldm/manage2

This is the documentation for reference:


Hello Daniela,

I ran SYNCHRONIZE and we’re still getting the same exact errors.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for letting me know.

Can you send us the Request ID for when you drag an attribute and get the error? We can check internally in our logs if there’s any errors.


Also, if you made some changes on the LDM and after this you are getting the error, there are 2 options to resolve this:

1) You will need to roll back/update your project to its original state before performing any updates to the LDM.

2) You would need to perform a "Hard sync": SYNCHRONIZE {dataset}:

But this will remove the associated data. Syncing the dataset without the "PRESERVE DATA;" will remove the data - Once done, you'll need to perform a full reload of the dataset.