How do I create a metric that identifies records that have a NULL value

  • 5 April 2023
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Hi, I have a similar type question. 

I have a metric that counts the events whereby a conversation has been labeled with the attribute “NON-MVP” but I need a metric that counts the conversations that have not been labeled with the attribute “NON-MVP”. 

This is the code that identifies the label being used:

select Inbound Handled Conversations where Conversation Label 8 [Conversation Attribute 8] like "%NON-MVP%"

I tried using this code to identify conversations that have not been labeled “NON-MVP” which does not work:

Select Inbound Handled Conversations where Conversation Label 8 [Conversation Attribute 8] not like "%NON-MVP%"

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Mr Holmes, 


This is a bit difficult to understand what exactly is going on without knowing the definition of the metric “Inbound Handled Conversations.” So we would need to break down what is being calculated internally there and see how everything links up in the LDM. 


Generally speaking, if do have the correct definitions set within the metrics, but are seeing incorrect results you will want to check the VALIDATION of the workspace. If there are missing values used in the metrics, it can certainly result in undesirable results. 


However, if you are still facing issues and need direct help, we can open a ticket with our support team to investigate directly into the workspace. Please let us know and we can reach out directly in a separate channel. 

Hi Iva, thanks for responding. 

So when i use the 2 metrics as quoted above, the results are as shown in the below 3 points:

  1. Inbound Handled Conversations = 500
  1. Inbound Handled Conversations that have only been labelled as Non MVP = 175
  1. Inbound Handled Conversations that not been labelled as Non MVP = 500

I would want the result of point 3 to be 325 (point 1 minus point 2) so clearly the Metric i quoted above to identify conversations that have not been labelled as Non MVP is not working. 

I am aware of the case sensitive requirement and therefore this is not the cause. 

Any suggestions?

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I've noticed your update also under the other Community post.

What exactly doesn't seem to work as expected, please? Are there no results, or results that contain the label "NON-MVP"?
Also, please be aware that LIKE clause is case sensitive.