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  • 25 October 2022
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I’m heaving some problems to do a RUMSUN without an atribute Date. I’m trying to do it with an atribute of mt products:

Basicaly i’m trying to an RUNSUM of that valeu for each product. The only way i could make summing all of then, but i need sum for after another.

I know i can make this if the accumulate direct on the report but i need to make the metric.

Does anyone knows how to code this? i tried many ways but none works.


Thank you!


Best answer by Moises Morales 25 October 2022, 03:37

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Hi Thiago, 

Running total metrics can be broken down by two or more date attributes from the same date dimension. Non-date attributes are not supported. This is mentioned in our documentation here: Running Totals for Core Functions - Gooddata Free. It is however possible, to right click an attribute so you will have the option to use the Runsum function even with a non date attribute.


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So non date atributos is not possible? I work doing this way that you mention, but i needed the metric tô then make a percentenge and use in a pareto relativo of 80/20. Basicaly Thats why i need to make a runsum and acumulate the valeus of my sell by products.

There is no way to be done?


Thanks for you answer


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I'm terribly sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no workaround that would allow this. The RUNSUM can only be used with "Dates" and not other attributes.