Calculate when an invoice is due

  • 9 October 2023
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I have uploaded our invoice data to GoodData and would like to create a report where I will see when the invoices are due. I have invoice date and expiration days. Is it possible to calculate it and display as date "yyyy-mm-dd"?
Example: Invoice date: 2023-01-01 Due: 15 days
            Due date: 2023-01-16


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Best answer by Moises Morales 10 October 2023, 20:11

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3 replies

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It's unfortunately not possible to convert this number to date formatting. We usually recommend using this number for date arithmetic in order to analyze, for example, the duration between two events. 

I'm sorry that this wasn't the answer you were hoping for.

This is my LDM 

I need a report like this

I’m trying with this metric



Is it possible to calculate and display as date "yyyy-mm-dd"?

Is not possiible for this project calculate on ETL proceess


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Hi Andres, 

Could you please send your metric so I can review it?