Loading GoodData Dashboard as iFrame in Angular application

  • 24 April 2023
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Hi Team,

I am using GoodData community edition and trying to embed a dashboard as an iFrame into an existing Angular application, but I am getting a bunch of 401s and its taking me to the login page. Upon successfully authenticating, I still don’t see any dashboard. Do we require any extra configurations on the Angular app for the authentication part?

I am following the below link:






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4 replies

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Hi Arpit,

Are there any errors in your browser console?

What exactly are you seeing when you successfully authenticate?

Could you please first try if embedding works in an iframe on basic html page (without angular)?



Hi Boris,

I tried in a standalone HTML page as well, the experience was same.

I don’t see any console errors though after providing credentials, I get 401 error for  API call.

I simply included below iFrame in my HTML file and trying to open it

<iframe title="GoodData Dashboard"


height="700px" width="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>




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Hi Arpit,

Thank you for trying. I have taken look into this and was able to reproduce the behaviour on my side - it looks like a limitation of our built in OIDC provider.

I will check if this can be fixed or if there are some options for workaround.


Thank you for your patience.


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Hi Arpit,


As mentioned, this is the limitation of the build in OIDC provider DEX, which is the only option in the GoodData.CN CE docker impage.

For embedding I would recommend to use our GoodData Cloud trial. 

It runs on the same analytical backend, but it’s hosted in a cluster managed by us in a public cloud. 

It should provide the same testing capabilities with more customizations possible. By default, it uses auth0 as OIDC provider, which also provides it’s own documentation and community forums which might help you with custom application integration.


Thank you for understanding.