hosting a GD.UI app on netlify - can't find this insight

  • 22 May 2022
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I have a GD.UI app deployed to the free hosting site

Netlify connects to a GitHub repository and builds the app on a cloud server, allowing testing outside of local environments.

The app deployed to Netlify works, I see the standard GD.UI Welcome page. I can also edit content on the Home page, as expected. However, when I add a <headline> component, the hosted app displays the Can’t find this insight error. The app displays the Headline as expected in my local environment.

Is there another cloud-based app hosting provider that integrates seamlessly with GD.UI? Amazon Amplify?



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It seems that the app hosted on netlify is looking for assets that are hosted on our custom url

However, netlify is prepending the url with its own URL,

Example, instead of the netlify-hosted app looking for… it is looking in

In the Chrome Developer Tools Console, it is showing 404 errors for:

and several others.

How do I tell my GD.UI app to always use my URL to find assets instead of using ?



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Hi Shambo,

This seems like a problem that is very specific to Netlify and its routing ( and not necessarily connected to GD.UI and its behaviour. So, I had a look for a solution on their side.

The key seems to be having a file named _redirects inside your public folder, as described in and making sure that redirects to a custom domain that you specify.

I also had a look at Netlify's community, and this issue seems similar to yours: 

There, the solution was to set-up a custom rule in _redirects like this:* 301!

Most likely, you could adjust this to cover only links which you want to be directed towards

See if the documentation can show you a solution for your use-case. I’d also encourage you to ask on their forums in case that you can’t find what you are looking for.

In case you really do think that there’s some sort of problem with GD.UI, please let us know, and we can take a second look.

Good luck,