Why are column names with __ invalid?

  • 25 February 2022
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I have a data model in snowflake that I am trying to import into GoodData. The tables have a few columns that have names like __companyId (two underscores in front of the word comapnyId)

When I try to import it in the UI I get a message “Connection failed. Unknown error” - but if I look in the logs I can see the error:

com.gooddata.tiger.metadata.service.ldm.model.GenerateLdmNamingException, message=Column name is not aligned with naming conventions name=__COMPANYID separator=__ numOfParts=2 expectedNumOfParts=3

I will rename the columns in my data so I can move on, but I would like to know why “__” is invalid in a column name. We use that type of column name quite a lot throughout our data to signify extra data that we added to our data model, so we would like to understand the reasoning behind that.


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Hello Chanan,

Please, are you using any prefixes before the double underscore as well? Is this affecting only certain type of columns - such as connection points, attributes...

No, the columns in question all start with __ - such as __COMPANYID

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Thank you for the clarification, appreciated. I am currently checking this internally with our Engineering team and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Hi Chanan,

unfortunately “__” is the default separator used by our backend to process naming conventions.

However, configuration of the separator is a part of the scan dialog in LDM Modeler. You can delete “__” and scan should work properly.