BigQuery and loading data

  • 8 August 2022
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We are new to GoodData and would like to use our connection to BigQuery tables as our data source.   Will we still need to 'load' data into GoodData or can the data remain in BigQuery?  


Best answer by Jan Kos 10 August 2022, 15:56

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6 replies

Thanks for clarifying!

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Exactly, in case of GoodData.CN you simply connect to BigQuery datasource and GoodData.CN analytical engine queries data directly from your database and are not loaded into GoodData.


Thank you!  Which product would we need in order to NOT load data but simply connect to BigQuery?  Is that the product?


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That would be GoodData platform. Connection to BigQuery can definitely be utilized and data are uploaded to the platform during data loading process.


We are signed up for an Enterprise license.  I believe this means the GoodData platform unless there’s an enterprise license for as well.

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Hello Greg,

Which of our products are you using? Is it our GoodData platform? Or is it our GoodData Cloud Native solution?