Using Timestamps In GoodData

  • 25 September 2020
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There’s great documentation around using dates, but does GoodData have any support for date_time types? This would be really useful for continued drill down beyond day level, into the hour/minute. This would be particularly useful dealing with a data set like IoT sensor readings.

Has anyone any suggestions for workarounds, or am I missing something?



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The following article discusses a bit on how to create a custom time dimension.

However, this article is based on CloudConnect to model the data, but this can also be done in the modeler of your project under the Data Integration Console. You will just need to model the dimensions as shown in the article. Then, you will need to prepare the data in your datawarehouse, and load it to GoodData.

Hello James,


What about separation of hour information into new attribute in fact table where specific date dimension is connected to ? That gives you potential to better use information stored and also you can visualise your information on hourly level. 



Thanks @rytch - I only learned about that at Good Data Office Hours yesterday. I’ll be trying that out for sure!