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  • 28 February 2024
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Why do user roles display differently depending on the environment?

For instance, the Embedded Dashboard Only role is visible in PROD but is absent from STG. Does that mean the viewer (dashboard only) role?

7 replies

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Hi Kavi, could you provide screenshots of where you are seeing the user roles in each of the domains on your end? 

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Hi Kavi, you can use an api call to list all roles in a workspace:


However, I’m not sure how a role would have been removed or added unless it was a custom role created for your domain. 

Hi Joseph Heun,

After fallowing the below path, there are user role options for each user as mentioned in screenshot

workspace > manage > Workspace and Users > change role

Environment 1:

Environment 2:



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Hi Kavi, 

Ok! Thanks for this. I can see that the two roles are essentially the same and that the change of the name for the role was actually implemented in 2019:

However, could you confirm that these workspaces are this old and were created before February 21, 2019?

Hi Joseph,


How Can I check when it was created? If it’s created prior to 2019 how can I maintain consistency in user roles between the environments? 




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Hi Kavi, 


We will need to make some changes on the domains from the backend for you since this hasn’t been touched in about 5 years. Could you please confirm the hostname/url where you need to have the names changed to the updated one?

Thanks Joseph, I’ll raise a ticket after discussing with my superiors.