Unable to navigate to dashboards from list of workspaces (main page)

  • 4 September 2023
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Dear Community,

we are facing the issue of users navigating to the dashboards page from the workspace list page when the user only has VIEW permission for the workspace.

  •     We have a user with VIEW permission for the workspace,
  •     He has access to dashboards in the workspace.

When a user logs into the GoodData Cloud website, he is redirected to the page with a list of workspaces. He can see the workspace in the list of workspace, but the item (workspace name) is not clickable. It shows only a tooltip saying that more permissions are needed. So he can’t go to the page with dashboards in the workspace. When he displays dashboards via direct URL, he can see the dashboards.

When we assign ANALYZE permission to the user, the workspace name in the list of workspace become clickable and the user is able to go to the page with a list of dashboards.

Is there any way how the user with VIEW permissions can go to dasboards page of the workspace after login?

Many thanks in advance.

Tomas Hoch


Best answer by Joseph Heun 4 September 2023, 23:51

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2 replies

Hi Joseph,

That’s great news, we are really looking forward to this so we do not have to mess with permissions anymore.

Thank you for keeping me updated.

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Hi Tomas, 

This is actually something that is already being worked on by our engineers, and we hope to have this corrected soon.