Regarding the order by for attribute column in Good data platform

  • 22 November 2022
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   I am trying to use orderby for the Monthdiff column as shown in the image but since it is an attribute column,it is not working as an int value but if i convert the value to int,the column in analyze will not accept it.please do let me know how to orderby the monthdiff attribute column like int where it should display values like 12,24,36,48 and so on not like 108,12,128,132 and so on.

Also i want to delete the row displaying ‘sum of cwp’ as well as marked in the attached image.please do help with it too!!


Thank you


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5 replies

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Unfortunately, sorting a numeric value in an attribute field isn’t possible as it can only be done on the column. You could sort the attribute in the source data to try and achieve your desired results. 

okay but  is it possible to delete the coulmn name ‘sum of CWP’ as marked in the attached  image??

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I’m afraid that is unable to be removed. It may be possible to create a custom react component in GD.UI. Could you confirm which product you are working with?

i am working in Good Data platform.I am not using GD.UI

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Hi Preetham,


Thanks for bringing this some attention. We can submit this topic on your behalf as product feedback so our product team can review your needs and consider it for the road map.