How to apply the column in insight only for single facts in the metrics

  • 16 March 2023
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   i am creating an insight where the ‘year(Reporteddate)’ in the columns has to be applied only for the ‘Sum of Claims Opened’  in the metrics as shown in the attachment.How to do that?



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4 replies

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Hi Preethan, 

thanks for reaching out. 

You metric in this case would look something like this: 

SELECT SUM(Claims Opened) BY Reporteddate (Year)

You can refer to the following documentation for more details on this:

Also, I would like to point you to our free GoodData University courses that you might find useful:


      But the metric ‘ SELECT SUM(Claims Opened) BY Reporteddate (Year) ‘ suggested here do not display the deserved output for me.i want to display the year(reporteddate) column values as column names and the sum(claims opened) as the row data in it in the insight, Since,there are multiple facts already given in the insight, all the metrics such as sum of claims closed and sum of Expense paid are all being considered as the row data as shown in the attached image.please do let me know the solution.hope the requirement is clear now


again to be precise, what my requirement is that in the attached image for example, month/year (activity) comes under the columns and # of activities comes under metrics but in my case there are multiple are present in metrics such as sum of claims closed, sum of claims opened etc and i want to consider only sum of claims opened.How to do that??please do let me know

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Hi Preetham, Is this similar to your other post about summing across columns? If this is the case, I’m afraid it is not possible and we will consider it for product feedback.