Hide irrelevant values in dependent filters on dashboards

  • 6 February 2024
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Dear Community,

first, I would like to mention that we are really happy with recent feature - dependent filters. However, we would need to use in combination with User Data Filter (UDF).

Here is our use-case:

We have two dimensional datasets:

  • Product
  • Product Group

One Product Group can have many Products, (1:N relationship). We need to limit Products for each user in entire workspace. We use User Data Filter for that and filter specific list of Products for each user (user group).


Here is the issue:
When we use both dimensions - Product, Product Group, as filters on dashboard a set them as dependent filters between each other then user can see only subset of Products based on the UDF. That’s great and desired behaviour. However, user still can see all Product Groups unless he select any Product. We want to display only these Product Groups in filter, which contains available Products based on the Products defined in UDF.

Is it possible? Only option we can see right now is also limit Product Groups by UDF, but it adds additional operational costs.

Many thanks for help.

Tomas Hoch


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This is currently a known limitation in the dashboard filters. You can override the limitations by using a by clause to connect the datasets. 


There is a nice video above demonstrating this behavior