Geo Regions (e.g., Czech Districts) map in GoodData Cloud

  • 2 February 2024
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my company uses GoodData Cloud solution, we have explored the Geo Chart (pushpins) visualization, which works nicely.


Our use case is also to visualize data based on Czech Districts (or regions).

We have found this documentation (which is not for Cloud version, but for “Classic”)
discussing different visualization maps / options (ala “Czech Districts”, “U.S. states”) - based for instance on region IDs in your data (as opposed to precise GPS location).

I’d like to ask / discuss whether this kind of region maps are also somehow available in GoodData Cloud? Or if it is currently only the “pushpins” visualization based on GPS.

Thank you very much.

1 reply

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Hello Tomas, 


You can find the documents on Geo Maps for cloud here:

There are articles under this that will hep you prepare the data that you need to set this up in your workspace.