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  • 16 August 2023
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One of the Customer found that when they try to download .xlsx files from web Dashboard nothing happens.

When reviewing this on a call with them they get a "403 Forbidden" error in the console.

403 Forbidden

Steps fallowed by customer:

  1. clicking on download .xlsx button

    Download button


still loading but not giving any result


But it’s working for other file formats downloads. Please provide the solution.




Best answer by Francisco Antunes 16 August 2023, 15:14

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Hi Kavi,

Out of the box, exporting Reports to XSLX is done either from a drop down menu on the report, in the dashboard, or from the Reports section of the GoodData workspace, as described in this article. The download button you are using seems to be a custom implementation. Can you describe how it works? Is it a drill-to-download button?

Is this affecting only a single user, or multiple people? Is it confined to this particular Dashboard/button or affecting the XSLX exports for the entire workspace?

You described that downloading other formats (which I assume have their own buttons) works correctly. I would suggest starting by reviewing the button widget for the XSLX download itself first to make sure there are no issues there (say, a mistake in the URL). I would also suggest trying to download the report using the instructions on the article I linked above, to see if it’s working there.


Lastly, please note that GoodData is unable to export GeoCharts and Key Metric widgets to XSLX, as per the article Export File Types. So make sure the report being exported is a valid visualization type.


If you aren’t able to identify where the issue originates, I would like to check our logs for these errors. Would you kindly send us a timestamp of when the issue occurred and the ProjectID of the affected workspace? Thank you!




Hi Francisco Antunes,

We have a metric called “X” that contains the expression SELECT 1 and metric format as “Download XLSX[white]”.Using metric "X,"  created a report and provided a drilling option to download a specific report. Similarly we have for CSV format also.

We are using LCM technology in our system. We have 1 Master workspace and it distributes to all the client workspaces.  “download xlsx button” is working in all the workspaces except for one customer in one workspace and showing "403 Forbidden" error in the console.

Please let me know if you need any further info.



Hi Kavi,

Thank you for the extra info. Given that the download button is distributed via LCM and that all other instances of the same widget are functioning correctly, I think we can set aside any issues with the configuration of the button itself for now.

I am curious about how the error occurs in this workspace. Are you able to reproduce it yourself? You mention that it affects one customer in one workspace - is this a single user, or all users on the workspace?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Try checking the affected users, to ensure they have the rights to access the Report that is being downloaded (I would assume they do, if the other buttons for the same report work too, but it is good to confirm).
  • Depending on how frequently you run the LCM, it could be possible that the configuration of the workspace was changed between runs, which could break the feature. Has the Rollout brick been run since the issue started? It could be a good way to ensure that the workspace is conforming to the standard set by the Master.

That said, I reiterate that the best route for investigating this would be to check our logs. Can you provide us with an example of the error message that was displayed on the log so we can look it up?