Do Drill Across Reports constrain by dashboard timeline dimension?

  • 4 February 2021
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I have a headline stat drilling into a separate report showing table data for that stat.


Headline Stat: # of Widgets

Filterable by in Dashboard:

  • Widget Category
  • Date (Timeline)
  • App Store Status

Drills into a report showing: Widget Name, Widget Developer, Widget Description, Date (Submitted)


Actual Behavior: The drill into report is filtered correctly by widget category but NOT by the timeline filter. It’s showing Widget info across all submission dates. The headline stat for my applied dashboard filters is showing 7 Widgets, however the drill in report is showing a much larger group.


Expected Behavior: I want the dashboard filters including the timeline dimension to apply to the Drill Across report.


I cannot change the drill-in report to display based on Date (Timeline) (the report says it’s not available for the data I selected).


Best answer by Joseph Heun 4 February 2021, 18:16

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Drilling into the reports can be dependant on a few different things, and if you are unable to select the date filter it is most likely related to the fact that the date dimension is not connected to the other objects used in the report within the Logical Data Model. You will need to make sure the dataset is connected accordingly within the LDM. 


If the date dimension is connected and used correctly within the metrics and you are still not seeing your desired results, then I would suggest the following: 

  1. Check project validation
  2. Make sure all filters are applied correctly

If you are still facing issues, there are some MAQL tricks you can use when working with filters within your metric. For example, using Parent Keywords


If you need any further assistance, GoodData Support would need to look directly in the project, which can be done by submitting a support ticket.