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  • 18 September 2023
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Dear Community,

I would like to set up a metric filter for the whole dashboard. To be more specific - I need to create a dashboard, where the metric is represented by number of packages sold. I want to be able to switch metric to value of packages sold and the whole dashboard would be recalculated accordingly.

From what I have understood. KPI Dashboards should allow me to do that, but I don’t see this option in GD Cloud. Is there any workaround please?




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3 replies

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Hello Anastasie, 


You can certainly create this, but in Cloud it is referred to as a HEADLINE

Hello Joseph,

Thank you for your answer.

This certainly may help in some cases, but I have several charts in my dashboard and I want all values to be represented by a different metric in one click. The reason is following: I don’t want users to scroll to see the same chart represented with different metric. Let’s say I want to use 100% stacked chart and allow users to choose from 5 different metrics (price level 1, price level 2, price level 3...etc). Is there any way to do this without creating the stacked chart 5 times? 

I know that GD allows to show 2 different metrics in one chart, but then I won’t be able to use stack by, which I need for this particular case.



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Hi Anastasie, 


I’m afraid this isn’t possible at this current time, but I’d be happy to mark this down as product feedback on your behalf for our product team to review.


You would essentially need to build each individual chart with its one metric. Then you would apply the dashboard filter. There may be a possibility to achieve this through a custom SDK however.