Set CPU and Memory resources in Docker

  • 16 April 2021
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Set CPU and Memory resources in Docker
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GoodData.CN CE comes as an All-In-One image. Before you start it in Docker, please make sure you dedicated enough resources to your Docker environment. With the default Docker configuration, you may encounter the following error when you try to run the container:

Not enough memory available (1093 MB). GoodData.CN needs at least 3072 MB.

How to set resources

In Docker, click the gear icon to go to Settings.


Select Resources on the left and set CPUs to 4 and Memory to 5.00 GB. 

These settings will ensure your container runs smoothly.

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Just a little update about the Minimal HW Resources:


  • 64-bit Intel or AMD processor with at least 4 cores
  • 5 GB available RAM
  • 2 GB free disk space

Please check also our Docker HUB: