Can I use my own hostname for GoodData?

  • 30 June 2020
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I would like to use my own hostname for our GoodData instance. Is it possible? What is the process?


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7 replies

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Yes. It is possible to white-label your GoodData instance so that you have your own personal hostname e.g. GoodData Support or your account owner can assist further with this action. More information on this can be found here:

Hi there! The link above seems to be broken.

However seems like white-labeling the domain is not free, which seems very strange and confusing for teams (like ours) wanting to play with the product and see if it fits.

All I want to do is to deploy GoodData in a docker container on our development cloud environment to let all team members test it, learn and see if it fits our needs.

Without the test domain, each team member would have to use SSH tunnel to connect, which is very difficult for managers and non-IT staff.

Why can’t we just set some ENV variable to our desired hostname? We don’t need any white-labeling or branding, this is just a matter of shared access to on-premise/cloud installation.

Best regards, Nick.

I’ve installed nginx in front of the GoodData.CN docker container.

When I try to navigate by domain name I get the following error:

{"title":"Not Found","status":404,"detail":"404 NOT_FOUND \"Hostname is not registered\"; nested exception is errorType=com.gooddata.tiger.grpc.error.GrpcPropagatedClientException, message=No organization found for hostname,<no detail>","traceId":"911bacdd37104e6d"}
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Nick - to quickly clarify, the original question & answer (posted 9 months ago) is about our hosted platform where by default you run it on a subdomain of but can white label it (as an add-on). You are very much correct this would not make sense with GoodData.CN!

Hi Peter! Could you please clarify why do you think it doesn’t make sense?

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@NickK — GoodData.CN is something you deploy and manage, so there’s no reason for us to interfere with your hostname. 

@Petr Olmer - yeah, but “Hostname is not registered” error message is generated by GoodData.CN so I guess you do check for it for some reason :)