Hello! Can someone please give me more details on ...
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Hello! Can someone please give me more details on this error?
Also, when I would get these errors before I would see more detailed information (as an admin on the workspace). It wasn't always helpful but it did sometimes give me some context to know where to start looking. Was that removed for some reason? Now I just see:
Hi Mitchell, I’ve checked the error on our logs, and the error message that accompanies it is
Cannot move transformation to a non-date object
. We’d have to check further to find out what exactly it means - would you mind sharing a bit more about the issue? e.g.: What task were you doing when the error occurred? Is it reproducible? Were you on a dashboard, or the analytical designer? etc. As for the descriptiveness of the error messages, it generally depends on the error - but our devs are always working on improving our reporting and ensuring that our errors are descriptive, so I’d be happy to highlight this internally as something to improve.
Hi @Francisco Antunes Thanks for your help! It is reproducible. We have an existing column chart that is using a custom metric and trending by a date. The chart works fine until you attempt to filter by some fields from connected data sets. Some work and others result in the error above. This is all in the analytical designer.
Also, just to be clear, I wasn't asking so much about the clarity of the errors, although I do appreciate your work to make them clearer, just that I don't see the actual error text at all any more. There used to be a section in that display where it showed the JSON response with the error description in it and it was helpful to me.
Based on your description and the error message, I’d say that the error is probably related to a limitation in your LDM - it is likely that one or some of the other related fields you are using as a filter can’t be computed in this metric/visualization. It’s difficult to pinpoint the issue without access to the workspace and an understanding of the Data Model, but I would suggest starting there; Try and make sure that all the objects are connected properly and that they can in fact be used alongside the main metric. Let us know if you still have problems, and we’d be happy to gather more details to troubleshoot further.
Thank you, I appreciate the help! Is there a way I can get more details for myself? I have had some success using the resources provided with the /debug endpoint in the Analytics Designer but in this case, there wasn't SQL generated so don't really have a place to start.
I’ve been reviewing the logs, and I’m not sure. I would indeed suggest the /debug endpoint, but you’ve noted it didn’t help. From the logs, I can see that the error relates to the date attribute
- might be worth it to check it on the LDM, including its date dimension/dataset. Otherwise, I’ll need to follow up internally with the rest of the team to find out more, but we will let you know. Meanwhile, feel free to reply here if you have any further questions or details you’d like to add! 🙂
Will do. Thanks again
Hi Mitchell, I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf to troubleshoot the error further.
Hi Jan, and thank you! I'll respond to the email in a little bit