Hi all, For a user with VIEW only access to a dash...
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Hi all, For a user with VIEW only access to a dashboard (composed of a single table visulaization) or the visualization itself, is it possible to allow them to toggle to view certain columns and hide others? I've tried to see if this exists but couldn't find something that fits my case exactly. I'm not saying they'd be able to save the results of their changes but just to set up a specific view of a subset of columns from a larger set.
Hi Tim! Thanks for the question. It’s not possible for users with VIEW only Permissions (on either a Workspace or a Dashboard) to edit dashboards/visualizations. The VIEW permissions, by definition, only allow for them to view dashboards, without editing them. There’s a handy table in the article Manage Dashboard Permissions showing how Dashboard and Workspace permissions interact with each other, so be sure to have a look there! They can still filter the dashboard and that way alter what data they are viewing, but any actual editing of the visualizations (like removing Rows, even if not saving any changes) is barred to the VIEW permission type.