Hi All, I work with <@U04PGCQB7K6> and we are look...
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Hi All, I work with @Steve Fox and we are looking to optimize the performance of auto-generated queries that are created by Good Data Cloud. Our source is Snowflake where these queries run. We are facing high compilation times for some of the queries sent to Snowflake By GoodData cloud. For instance a query that executes for about a second on a virtual warehouse in Snowflake takes more than 50 sec to get compiled. We have already looked at the DB level optimizations, and query executions are fast. We want to reduce the time taken by Snowflake to compile the larger/complex queries. Any pointers towards possible solutions to have the generated queries to be simpler or optimized are very much appreciated!
Hello Akshat, thank you for your question. Generally speaking, we recommend following the suggestions in our documentation here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/connect-data/performance. I know this same question has been raised in the past, could you tell us if the suggestions there helped, or what changes did you introduce? Could you alsoprovide a concrete example? For example, insight ID or dashboard link? If you could provide a screencast or har file, please do so. This will help us greatly with our investigation. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this information in the thread, feel free to send it to me via DM.