Hello Community. Is it possible to do this with th...
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Hello Community. Is it possible to do this with the report builder: • Select 2 metrics • Make a calculation (Ratio of M1 to M2) • Hide M1 and M2 of the report to only show in the visual the Calculated Metrics Eg. in image in thread
I would like to only visualize the ration, not the 2 column that enabled to do the ratio.
Hi Guillaume, You can achieve this by creating custom metric which would contain those two metrics as it’s nested metrics. For example something like this:
SELECT (SUM([Metric A])) / (SUM([Metric B]))
and then use percentage formatting.
However, if you are explicitly asking if there’s is any possibility to simply hide those two metrics within UI, then the answer is currently no. If you wish, please let me know and I can submit a product feedback on your behalf.
Thanks, that's clear. I would be useful for customers who are just looking at simple calculations for their graph and where creating a custom metric would be too much.
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