Hello, I am trying to access a database hosted on ...
# gooddata-platform
Hello, I am trying to access a database hosted on Snowflake and this error occurs, I would appreciate your support.
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2024-05-22T20:51:41.079+0200 [INFO]: Data distribution worker started
2024-05-22T20:51:41.079+0200 [INFO]: Request id: "data_load_8OESsbpbhH_9IgKmk6nti:dalbROOE4ByQdjMh:WH7emT3eOLqVzb16"
2024-05-22T20:51:41.079+0200 [INFO]: Data source: "664bbd78d19419795e588757"
2024-05-22T20:51:41.079+0200 [INFO]: Additional parameters: {GDC_DATALOAD_DATASETS=[{"dataset":"dataset.worldbank","uploadMode":"FULL"}], PROCESS_ID=efac8064-bc6f-46fc-b12c-8787a9933ee1}
2024-05-22T20:51:41.079+0200 [INFO]: Synchronization mode: selected datasets (default)
2024-05-22T20:51:41.732+0200 [INFO]: Synchronized datasets: [dataset.worldbank]
2024-05-22T20:51:44.006+0200 [ERROR]: Mapping validation failed.
2024-05-22T20:51:44.007+0200 [INFO]: 

====================== Mapping Validation ======================

    Source table World Bank is missing

====================== End of Mapping Validation ======================

2024-05-22T20:51:44.007+0200 [ERROR]: Data distribution worker failed. Reason: Mapping validation failed, see log for more details.
The error message you are encountering in GoodData indicates a mapping validation failure when trying to access a database in Snowflake. The specific issue seems that the source table “World Bank” is missing, causing the mapping validation to fail. To resolve this error, you will need to ensure that the necessary source table “World Bank” is available in your Snowflake database.
Thanks Michael !