Hello All :wave: , I have encountered an ADD load ...
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Hello All 👋 , I have encountered an ADD load failure ⚠️ with the below error message. Can you please review and let me know if there is a disk space issue on ADS storage ? Kindly suggest how to resolve this issue. Org:
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2024-05-22T18:05:58.606+0200 [ERROR]: Fail to load projects "[auk0ym1s583qselc0vvjebl6senbzfej]". Reason: Unable to unload:
    Unable to download stage file=stage__20240522__ze3epbft/BR_EXMON_INDUSTRY__20240522__PBrLPUY6___3_2_0.csv.gz:
    Unable to decompress file /tmp/cloudresource/unload/c99c2501bc9c6fd2c09fd28a0e3e7a1700000099/BR_EXMON_INDUSTRY__20240522__PBrLPUY6___3_2_0.csv.gz error: /tmp/cloudresource/unload/c99c2501bc9c6fd2c09fd28a0e3e7a1700000099/BR_EXMON_INDUSTRY__20240522__PBrLPUY6___3_2_0.csv.gz: No space left on device:
    /tmp/cloudresource/unload/c99c2501bc9c6fd2c09fd28a0e3e7a1700000099/BR_EXMON_INDUSTRY__20240522__PBrLPUY6___3_2_0.csv.gz: No space left on device
Hi Shankar, We have recently discovered an issue related to this, and our engineers are currently working on a fix. We hope to have this resolved soon, but we will keep you posted with details as they become available.
Thank you Joseph. Really appreciate the prompt response. Will wait for your confirmation before re-trying the ADD load again.
it looks like the loads are starting to run again, so you can try to re-run them now and see if they go through as it seems to be mitigated.
Yeah, looks like the issue is resolved and our ADD load has gone past the data distribution worker step. 🤞 Thank you Joseph.
No problem. We should be completely clear now, but please let us know if you notice any issues.
Sure Joseph. I will watch out for the next couple of hours, because we have some hourly runs and notify if the issue recurs.
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